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20 Random Facts About... - a distorted venture
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Date: 2007-10-14 23:38
Subject: 20 Random Facts About...
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Tags:character/fic meme, demelza/jack, fanfiction: harry potter
You don't even need to squint to see the ship hints here.

Demelza Esyld Robins

1. Demelza Robins hasn’t got a single memory of her mother she can call her own. Anything she does know or seem to recall are things she’s imagined from what other people have told her – or what she’s seen in photo albums.

2. Her favourite borrowed memory, however, is based directly off the sole photo where only she and her mother are the subjects.

3. She has four brothers. Brae is the oldest, Diggory and Trystan are twins, and the last is Howell. The oldest three are proud former Slytherins, and Howell cleaves to the house he and his mother were sorted into – Ravenclaw.

4. Her first display of magic was turning the twins green when extremely upset with the pair of them at the age of four. Her father, when stumbling onto the scene a minute later, laughed so hard and long he very nearly scared his children into thinking he’d cracked. Since, the family in-joke is that to fuck with Demelza is to expect blending in with the trees.

5. She’s never seen her father work the same job for more than three months in her entire life, and wonders how much longer he’ll say he’s “between jobs” than admit outright he’s unemployed the majority of the time.

6. With sweaty palms and a large lump in her throat, she was near horrified when the Sorting Hat declared her a Gryffindor. It wasn’t until she’d taken her seat and glanced over at the Slytherin table with a woebegone expression did she find the reassurance that her three of her four older brothers offered in their carefully arranged grins. Her best friend and cousin, Melinda Bobbin, however, shrugged at her – which was what set her at ease in the end.

7. Jack Sloper was the very next Gryffindor to be sorted after her, and as she thought he had the nicest smile of all the first year boys at her table, decided hence to strike up a conversation with him.

They had trouble remaining silent after that.

8. A week into their acquaintance, Demelza recalled the “Jack and Jill” nursery rhyme and resolved to address Jack as ‘Jill’ henceforth. He’s never been able to cure her of it, and not long after, took to retaliating with ‘Goldilocks’.

9. Once, she remarked that she wished Halloween would never end. Nearly everyone thought it was because she loved the festivities so. She lets most of those people to continue to believe this is the case. Select others have either gathered or been informed that November the first is the anniversary of her mother’s death.

10. Her love for flying was instilled into her by her father – who once, long ago, harboured the ambition to be a professional Quidditch player. He has made it crystal clear he disapproves of his children playing the game at school, however – and it is a topic never discussed in his presence.

11. Howell calls her Kitten, ruffles her hair and addresses her two best friends as ‘Queenie’ and ‘Traitor’. Howell is prone to giving those who ask how Jack Sloper earned his moniker an ‘are-you-stupid?’ look. Demelza very quickly learned to ignore everything but being called ‘Kitten’.

12. Usually skilled at ignoring people, Demelza has never managed to successfully give Jack the silent treatment for more than three hours, at maximum.

13. Though she has her idealistic and romantic fancies and whims – Demelza is also a rather pragmatic soul and is much slower to act that her housemates.

14. One would be wise to not mistake the above as a lack of zeal, however. Or to expect her longer temper fuse to result less explosively when burnt out.

15. She owns and plays a flute she absolutely refuses to let Jack to go near, which was previously her mother’s.

16. The first time Jack visited her house, Demelza discovered her brothers had put together a roster for one of them to always be playing supervisor in her attic room until her friend had left. Needless to say, the roster was confiscated and her father enlisted to keep the boys at bay.

17. She did, however, think it was not so bad an idea the have one of her brothers present when Jack decided to go on a Scavenger Hunt for her flute and it took all her efforts to keep him from actually finding it.

18. She fears especially losing her father, brothers, Jack or Melinda. Her greatest fear would be to lose them all.

19. Though a pureblood, Demelza is a great Asterix fan, her next favourite comic being Calvin and Hobbes. This particular love affair began when she was introduced to both in Muggle Studies one lesson in her third year.

20. Her goal, career-wise, is to be an Astronomer, and she excels particularly at the subject, and enjoys it tremendously.

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Yeah well, maybe next time, you will estimate me.: the OC - R/T chauffeur hat
User: zeft
Date: 2007-10-15 03:37 (UTC)
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Demelza is so cute.
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niyki: little girl
User: mekelon
Date: 2007-10-15 03:42 (UTC)
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Aw, thanks :D
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niyki: applause
User: mekelon
Date: 2007-10-15 03:43 (UTC)
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And, omg - Ryan/Taylor! ♥
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