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NaNo: Brainstorming - a distorted venture
of this twisted universe

Date: 2007-10-20 18:52
Subject: NaNo: Brainstorming
Security: Public
Music:Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow

So, the idea is taking a Lottie/Cathy and a Kev/Hareton and sticking them smack bam in the middle of insanity. I'd title it Bravo Insanity, but that's just overkill.

I feel like I am auditioning people and stuffing them into the Big Brother house.

I require:
  1. A hero
    Because, lyke, duh. I would prefer my hero to not be Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, or Fanny Price. Because;
    1) Harry's backstory is sheer tragic.
    2) I can't write hobbits for nuts. And Gollum sympathisers are doubly difficult.
    3) Fanny. Price. Is. The. Worst. Heroine. On. Earth.

    You know what? Hareton Earnshaw is a wonderful hero. Let's make my hero a Hareton Earnshaw.

  2. Good Guy Auxiliary; Side-kick/Watson
    !! A Cai Bradley type, complete with Cai Bradley Logic = GGASK, as obviously every hero/heroine needs a Watson who ought, in fact, to be a Sherlock. Okay, granted, a Sherlock that thinks like House (sorry people, my mind thinks across a broad range of fandoms here. Yes, yes, I watch Gilmore Girls too. That might be why I shove a number of unrelated pop references into the same sentence.)

    Good grief, if I use a Cai type for the side-kick, he will become the hero. Meh, who cares. Cai Bradleys of the world ought to be loved and adored and steal the limelight anyway. You know they steal it at all opportunities nonetheless.

  3. Batshit Insane Heroine Sidekicks
    Aka, the Allie and Au Types.

  4. Good Guy Auxiliaries In General (compiled with the help of maniacalmuse)
    1) A Blaise Zabini Misunderstood Good Auxiliary Who Actually Doesn't Care Whether You Think He's Good Or Not, S'Long As You Don't Fuck With His Friends
    2) Edmund Vaisey/Hans Solo Pre-Leia, Good Auxiliary Guy Who Doesn't Look It, And Is Just As Fluffly As He Accuses The Hero As
    3) Kevin Entwhistle, Good Auxiliary Guy Who Pouts And Is Anal And For All That Could Pull Twenty Million Girls If The Thought Ever Occurred To Him
    4) Quintus Harper, Good Auxiliary Guy Who Is An Overprotective Prat But Keeps His Friends In Line - At Least, He Likes To Think So
    5) A Charles Bingley, because Every Hero and Heroine needs to ship a side-love story
    6) Ernie MacMillan, Good Auxiliary Guy Whose Bark Is Definitely Worse Than His Bite By Way Of Being A Very Long And Eloquent Bark, But We Forgive Him Because He Can Pull Tough Girls Like Crazy
    7) Michael Corner, Good Auxiliary Guy Who Ought To Be A Hero, But Alas We Aren't Writing His Story. Never Mind, Send In The Mass Fanmail Anyway
    8) Kingsley Shacklebolt, G.A. Guy Whom You Only Need To Look At To Know Not To Fuck With

  5. Good Girl Auxiliaries In General (compiled with the help of maniacalmuse)
    1) Romilda Vane, Good Auxiliary Girl, Though This Is Debatable, Who Likes Stir Up Shit. Lots Of Shit. Is Also Most Likely To Fall For A Bad Auxiliary Guy When Plans to Snag the Hero Falls Through
    2) Tracey Davis, G.A. Girl Who Looks More Like A B.A. Girl And Her Special Weapon Is Those Stiletto Heels. Watch Those Hands, Gents
    3) Demelza Robins, G.A. Girl With Big Ideals And A Loud Voice To Make 'Em Heard Who Is Loved By All - Including The B.A Guys, Worringly Enough
    4) Auriga Sinistra, G.A. Girl Who Might Be Sweet, Romantic and Naive On The Surface, But Suffers Overprotectiveness And A Weakness For Snarky Men Who Give Her A Headache And Love Her To Death
    5) Charlotte Lucas, G.A. Girl Who Makes Some Seriously Dumb Life Changing Decisions - But It's Only Because Not Making Them Is Even More Unwise
    6) Adeline Hobble, Ice Queen Love Interest For the Side-kick, With A Hidden Soft Spot For Younger Sisters And Baking Brownies

  6. Evil Overlord

    No. His son LINTON.

    Or even Edgar Linton. I didn't like any of the Lintons, to be honest.

  7. Bad Auxiliaries In General
    1) Devon Summerby, Bad Auxiliary Guy Who Is An Inconsistant Fuckwit Whom The Hero Delivers A Smackdown To End All Smackdowns
    2) Evie Hobble, B.A. Girl Who Can't Get Enough of G.A. Guys And Eventually Swaps Sides, For Good
    3) Luc Urquhart, Who Doesn't Know He's Supposed To Be A B.A., Crushes On The Demelza Robins Type And Therefore Gets Smacked By the Quintus Harper and Edmund Vaisey Types Anyway
    4) Padma Patil/Fanny Price, B.A. Girl Who Is Self-Righteously FLAT
    5) Jezebel Dorny: Well-behaved women may rarely make history, but this badly behaved woman just makes you want to look for a time-turner

FANTASY - perhaps Urban?
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