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MEME! For RPing this time, folks - a distorted venture
of this twisted universe

Date: 2007-10-21 01:56
Subject: MEME! For RPing this time, folks
Security: Public
Music:Rachael Yamagata - Be Be Your Love
Tags:character/fic meme, role-playing
5 Characters I'd Like To Play If I Ever Got the Chance To

  1. Myron Wagtail
    I've ficced him, I've NPC'd him into Demelza's FF Journal, I've made him a tryant, he exists in my head. Muso's aren't a challenge for me to play - and I am drawn to the whole rockstar thing, k?
    Aw, fucking wanker of a fucking Gideon fell down the fucking stairs right before the fucking gig and broke his fucking leg. And if that wasn't fucking cocked up already, bloody Heathcote wanted to play a cover of "Yellow Submarine"

    This is bollocks.

  2. Michael Corner
    I would not have the guy either moping over Ginny, involved with Cho Chang, a total man wh0re, or anything of that sort. And I would want to play him in a strictly DH game only.

  3. Dolores Umbridge
    No, I kid thee not. I would be very interested in playing Umbridge in a game set in either OotP or DH. Trying to get into her head would be extremely, extremely, extremely difficult - but still, it's a challenge I'm definately interested in.

  4. Theodore Nott
    You're likely not familiar with him, but MY Theodore would not let any nitwit call him 'Theo', 'Ted' or any other dumb moniker in regards to his surname. He doesn't care what you say or do. He doesn't care whether you like him or not. He likes his books thanks, is more interested in staying alive than in pursuing dumb causes - and would rather people didn't say the word Mudblood in the presence of a Gryffindor, because when they get riled up, they get bloody noisy too. He's not pleasant, but he isn't actively unpleasant either - his whineyness is just a part of his nature.

  5. Narcissa Black/Malfoy
    Hell, she's manipulative, self-preserving, a snob, a blood-supremist - but moreso than that, she really loves her son (heaven's knows why) and her husband. I wouldn't mind which era. I think I'd like her no matter what. Oh. And she doesn't swear. Ever. It's just so classless, thank you very much.

5 Characters I'll Never Play

  1. Snape
    I love reading him, I love him when he's very well-written, I don't mind ficcing him for a one-shot. But play? Get inside that brain of his? Channel him? No. No, no, no. Danke schon.

  2. Cho Chang
    Sorry. I just don't get her.

  3. Lee Jordon
    I don't get him either.

  4. Colin Creevey
    If I start channeling Colin, I will revert back to Colin Creevey-ism. You don't want that. You really don't want that.

  5. Remus Lupin
    Nice guy. Lovely guy. I just don't want to channel him. Give me Sirius, James or Wormtail any day, thanks. Their psyche is much more interesting to me. Especially Wormtail's.

5 Characters I Wish I Never Played

  1. Zacharias Smith
    Well, one of my incarnations of him. Mind, it might just have been the game I used him in. Anyway, he was bloody annoying and I loathed him.

  2. Andrew Kirke
    Okay, so saying I wish I never played him is way too harsh, and I enjoyed him while I had him. But he was my least favourite of my batch at Hogwarts Blogs. He certainly was a sane one though.

  3. Jonas Summers
    I didn't get it. Every one else loved him, and I couldn't wait to kill him off. He BORED the hell out of me, was too nice, it was sick-making. And then, on top of all that, wasn't even inclined towards any of the people that crushed on him. Mebbe he was gay? Who knows. Who cares. The boy is dead, let's keep him there, yeah?

  4. Not sure

  5. Not sure

5 Characters I'm Most Fond Of

  1. Demelza Robins
    I will always love Dem. I love that she developed as a character too in the course of the time that I played her in HB.

  2. Cai Bradley
    Well, duh.

  3. Auriga Sinistra
    Oh, my lovely little romantic who was uber-possessive of her Tower. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  4. Adrian Pucey
    That I love to pick on him so much should be evidence enough of my love for him. Because I am exactly one of those kids in primary school who will annoy the hell out of the boy they crush on. Well, in the RPG Muggle World, I am. In RL - are you kidding? Can you find anything less poised to do with your time?

  5. Quintus Harper
    I'm amazed at how well he turned out for me. And then it's his fault I have other fabulous OC muses in my head too - like Lottie Harper and Ti Harper.

5 Characters I Want to Play Again/Flesh Out More

  1. Cai Bradley
    He's so memorable to me. Something about zaney characters

  2. Auriga Sinistra

  3. Kingsley Shacklebolt

  4. Quintus Harper

  5. Dean Thomas
    Oy. Arguing over milk. I'll never forget it, Dean, m'boy.

5 PBs I'd Like To Use

  1. Alison Sudol

  2. Autumn Reeser

  3. Skandar Keynes (dude, hurry up and grow up already so I can use you for someone older than a fifth year!)

  4. Topher Grace

  5. Cyrille Thouvenin

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